any time of night and day

What is life like at the Château? It is being able to enjoy the pleasures of the table at any time of night and day.

10 O’clock, breakfast in the sunshine at l’Acacia

A green tea, freshly pressed orange juice, a fruit tart and vanilla flavoured rice pudding. A good way to start a beautiful sunny day in Saint-Tropez.

1pm, a refreshing lunch around the pool on the terrace of the restaurant A Ciel Ouvert

A sea bream ceviche in an emulsion of coconut milk and lime juice, a grilled filet of beef, mashed potatoe with tartuffo cream, a glass of rosé de Provence followed by a Pavlova of seasonal fruits… a light but flavourful menu before enjoying a cool swim.

5pm, tanning around the Piscine Miroir

A bowl of red berries, whipped cream and vanilla ice-cream, a freshly pressed lemon juice, enjoy!

7.30pm, a musical cocktail (in July and August), on the terrace of the bar “Le Soleil d’Eau”

An Oli Summer (Oli’Gin, St. Germain liqueur, mandarine and lemon juice, chestnut syrup), shrimp tempura and toasted truffle bread, savour the magic of the sunset on the bay.

9pm, dinner under the stars of the gastronomical restaurant l’Acacia

Steamed lobster ravioli with baby leeks and tatragon shoots, a rack of lamb with wild mountain herbs, a selection of regional cheeses with honey from our gardens, a good glass of Bordeaux, citrus fruit, light cream with fresh ewe’s cheese, fruit emulsion, mandarine sorbet with fresh mint… a sweet symphony in the starlight.

5am, After a crazy, fun evening in Saint-Tropez, I’m feeling peckish and call Room Service for a club sandwich “Compte de la Messardière” and a Mariage Frères tea, metis rouge without tanin, while snuggled in bed… that’s what life is like at the Château!


C’est au cœur des Vosges que jaillit l’eau minérale VITTEL®. Grâce à un parcours souterrain de plusieurs années, à travers de nombreuses couches géologiques, l’eau minérale naturelle VITTEL® se charge de minéraux essentiels, indispensables à l’organisme. Elle permet de couvrir 45 % des apports de référence en calcium d’un adulte. Présente sur toutes les grandes tables,  Partenaire officiel du Tour de France, elle est particulièrement recommandée pour les sportifs lors des efforts physiques intenses.


Happy Breakfast

Breakfast, the essential meal to start the day, is in the forefront of our pastry chef’s mind, Alexia Frésia is the creator of the new menu of tasty light products.

Her home made tartlets with delicious seasonal fruits (strawberries, apricots, figs, rhubarb…) are some of the favourites, but Alexia has imagined many other delights for you to enjoy in the sunshine of the terrace of the gastronomical restaurant l’Acacia!  Brioches to be sliced with sugar crystals, natural, with chocolate or pink praline, delicious apple or pear crumbles, sweet madeleines, cookies, muffins, pancakes and crepes that children love, panna cotta with red berry coulis, vanilla flavoured rice pudding and stewed fruits with no added sugar complete the tasty range with creativity, flavour and elegance. Contemporary French pastries at their best.

À Ciel Ouvert

The light, fresh menu of the open air restaurant

Around the mirror pool, during sunny lunches and summer evenings, the large terrace is ideal to enjoy light meals by our chef Jean-Michel Le Béon. Fresh seasonal salads and vegetables, the niçoise salad, creamy burrata, basil and parmesan biscuits, a sea bream ceviche with lime and coconut milk, beef tagliatelli with crunchy vegetables, fresh coriander vinaigrette, peanuts and sesame seeds… Risotto and pasta specialities with delicious sauces, steamed or grilled fish, top quality tasty meats and poultry. To end the meal, how can you resist a citrus fruit, meringue tart or a crispy Paris-Saint-Tropez with milk chocolate and hazelnuts?

All the subtle flavours of a summer cuisine….


The refined menu of the gastronomical restaurant l’Acacia

Jean-Michel Le Béon and his team propose an exceptional dinner in the heart of this luxury hotel with a magical view of the vineyards and the beach of Pampelonne.

The light, seasonal, refined and modern menus include the perfect blend of the great classics of French and Mediterranean cuisine, inspired by the respect for both the farm and the sea produce and the subtle flavours of the south of France.

“Cooking is an art of patience, generosity and the comprehension of the produce…” Jean-Michel Le Béon.

A new vegan menu

Pioneer in the protection of nature and sensitive to the environmental preoccupations, the Château de la Messardière, in perfect harmony with our times and the evolution of the culinary habits of both international and French guests, is a part of the campaign “Saint-Tropez Destination Veg” by Saint-Tropez Tourism, and proposes for the second consecutive season, a vegan menu at l’Acacia. Jean-Michel Le Béon works essentially with regional producers and proposes some delicious creations: cooked and raw vegetables in a herb salad, egg plant caviar with olives and citrus vinaigrette, artichoke in many forms and flavours, a vegetable risotto with asparagus and wild mushrooms, tomatoe jam, raw and steamed rhubarb, fruit sorbets….

Olive oil, honey and the aromatic garden

The best of local produce, the Mediterranean fish, olive oil, aromatic herbs, honey from the Château and light gourmet pastries by our pastry chef Alexia Fresia… Deliciously authentic…


L’Opéra vous projette dans une expérience unique

au cœur du village de Saint-Tropez.

Le restaurant imaginé comme une arène mêle avec

raffinement une gastronomie d’exception, un univers

glamour et fastueux, des shows modernes et créatifs,

et un club privé.

L’Opera is a unique experience in the heart of the

Saint-Tropez village. Built as an arena, the restaurant

mixes with refinement an exceptional gastronomy.

Every dinner will delight in soaking up the glamorous

and sumptuous atmosphere, be enthralled by the

creative and modern shows and enjoy the seclusion

of the private club.

Les Green Pousses – The sprouted seeds

At the Château de la Messardière, the chef Jean-Michel Le Béon has selected the best of the small producers of the region, including Sylvie Poiron and Bertrand Gindraud who cultivate sprouted seeds and micro-shoots in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The sprouted seeds and the Green Pousses 

of Sylvie and Bertrand

Motivated by the challenge of “producing healthy food while respecting the environment”, Sylvie Poiron, initially in phytotherapy and Bertrand from the business world, have associated their talents to create Green Pousses, a company based on the production of sprouted seeds (lentils, black radish, soya) and micro-shoots (basil, watercress arugula, red cabbage, broccoli, coriander, radish)!

Artisanal and organic crops are flourishing in the soil in the plains of la Môle and Cogolin, before colouring the plates of restaurants in the most prestigious establishments in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, including the Château de la Messardière. They are also sold on the grocery stalls at Jardin de la Piboule, the Halle de Grimaud and at Biogolfe. Crunchy, light and healthy, these green pousses have become the stars of healthy meals. Their contribution in minerals, vitamins, proteins, enzymes and essential fatty acids is absolutely fantastic!

Jardin Tropézina

Our beach on Pampelonne:  Jardin Tropézina

Not far from the Château, the renowned Jardin Tropézina at Pampelonne, presents it’s new, natural solar look.

Created in 1962 and managed since 1977 by Patrick Germain
and Alain Badel, joined this year by Mathieu Zucchiatti, in charge of Dolceva in Saint-Tropez and La Folie Douce in Méribel in winter, the beach of the Château de la Messardière, Jardin Tropézina, resumes all the magic of Pampelonne with a little supplement of charm: the proximity of some typical Mediterranean vegetation, like an oasis on the sea. Under the impetus of the Pampelonne development scheme, the new architecture of the site evokes a Mediterranean holiday home on the seaside. The public areas, the bar, the covered restaurant and the terrace are places where the guests may contemplate the bay surrounded by the different types of pine trees. The natural, contemporary timber architecture has a landscaped look to it. The restaurant has been awarded the title of “Maître Restaurateur” and emphasises the home-made dishes while honouring a local, seasonal Mediterranean menu that throughout the year, never forgets its close bonds to the region’s community projects.

Special attentions for the guests of the Château

– Mattress and parasol (depending on availablilty) and
aperitif offered to the guests of the hotel who lunch or dine here, whatever the season.

– Free shuttle service between the Château de la Messardière and Jardin Tropézina 7 days a week, all day and all evening.

The beach welcomes you for lunch every day of the week and for dinner in the evenings in July and August.

325 allée de la Mer – Ramatuelle

T. +33 (0)4 94 97 36 78


Une pépite au cœur de Saint-Tropez

Niché dans les ruelles pittoresques de Saint-Tropez, le restaurant Dolceva by Marco Garfagnini, vous invite à voyager dans un monde de saveurs et raffinement à l’italienne. Un coin à part où cuisine gastronomique et service décontracté se mêlent pour vous faire passer un moment d’exception.

Loin de la foule et de la démesure, c’est dans un cadre typiquement méditerranéen que le Chef Luca Crostelli revisite les grands classiques transalpins.

La carte des vins est inspirée et les pâtisseries du Chef Leonardo Di Teodoro sauront séduire les palais sucrés les plus exigeants.

À la carte, vous trouverez une cuisine gastronomique étonnante avec les Scampi mostarda di cedro, Conchiglioni agli Agrumi, Panne Acida e Erba Cipollina et la magnifique Tagliata Di Manzo, Rucola e Pomodorini.

La carte signée Marco Garfagnini vous fait découvrir l’Italie autrement vers des saveurs intenses et raffinées avec une touche de modernité qui sublime la cuisine italienne.

T. 04 94 97 46 10

19 rue des Feniers – Saint-Tropez

Bay of Pampelonne : a rebirth

A new chapter in the history of Pampelonne beach has begun this season. What are the changes generated by the plans of the commune of Ramatuelle ? Which establishments and services will you find on the beach this summer ? Which are the new establishments ? Which ones have disappeared ?

Four and a half kilometres of coast land and 27 hectares of magnificent beach bordered by vineyards and pine forests, mythical estalishments frequented by film stars, powerful industrial business people  and the Happy Few of the planet. Twenty six new plots have been attributed for a period of twelve years… welcome to the new Pampelonne beach !

70% of the establishments are back

It’s with great pleasure that you will find some of the most famous beach establishments: Club 55, Moorea, Tahiti Beach, Le Bar du Soleil (the four are on private plots of land), Jardin Tropézina, L’Esquinade (Brigitte
Bardot’s favourite), Les Murènes, Cabane Bambou, Tropicana, Indie Beach House and Neptune. Some of the well known beaches have moved, Les Palmiers and L’Orangerie have moved to the Tamaris area.

Six new operators

Three beaches linked to hotels in Saint-Tropez or Ramatuelle are now present at Pampelonne, La Réserve à la plage (La Réserve hotel, Ramatuelle) in the Epi area, Byblos Beach (Byblos Hotel) and La Serena(Hotel de Paris, Saint-Tropez) Boulevard Patch. As for Tropézina, the partner beach of the Hôtel de la Messardière since 1997, they stay in the Tahiti area. The beach Loulou à Ramatuelle managed by Gilles Malafosse (Restaurants Palais de Tokyo and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris)  will welcome their customers all year round in the Tamaris area. The Plamayigos and Alma beaches are installed close to the Toison d’Or. Route de l’Epi near the Nikki beach (club located of private land), the new establishment Verde by Yeeels you will be welcomed by the director Yannick Maillot.

Possibilities of opening all year round

The beaches Tropézina, Loulou à Ramatuelle, Les Palmiers, L’Orangerie, Cabane Bambou, Indie Beach, L’Esquinade and Tropicana, may, if they wish, stay open all year round or for a minimum period of 48 weeks according to the official documents. “The commune of Ramatuelle reminds you that over a century ago, the fashion of swimming in the sea and the sea air on the Riviera during the winter, were well known virtues !” Certain beach restaurants will be allowed to open in the evenings as long as the ambience remains rural rather than urban.

An architecture integrated into the natural 

surroundings and first class services

Faithful to the tradition of an authentic beach but also to it’s glamorous image, Pampelonne will be “more natural”, the architecture will be integrated into the surroundings and the constructions will be made with natural materials and pastel colours, there will be something for everyone… restaurants, sunbeds, boutiques, swimming lessons, massages and, of course, the public beaches.

A symbol of 21st century tourism

Over and above holidays to suit everyone’s budget, Ramatuelle has made sure that all the establishments include access to those who are physically challenged or handicapped and that the rest rooms should be available, free of charge, for the people on the public beaches. Pampelonne will need to reconstitute the dune and the exceptional flora that goes with it, hopefully with the help of a generous sponsor. Roland Bruno, the Mayor of Ramatuelle, is persuaded that with the melting pot of establishments, Pampelonne will be an excellent 21st century seaside destination.

Pampelonne 2019 en chiffres 

4,5 kilomètres et 27 hectares de sable

21 lots « Établissements de plage » dont 6 nouveaux.

2 lots « Loisirs nautiques motorisés »

3 lots « Loisirs Nautiques non motorisés »

Des concessions attribuées aux exploitants par la commune de Ramatuelle pour une durée de 12 ans.

Les absents en 2019



Les nouveaux établissements de plage 



à LA PLAGE, verde by yeeels, Alma beach

Les nouveaux établissements de loisirs sportifs