Rolex – Doux Joaillier

Richard et Diane DOUX, héritiers d’une lignée de joaillier, poursuivent la tradition familiale initiée par leur père dans les années 1960. Aujourd’hui la famille DOUX compte 5 magasins  implantés sur Avignon, Nîmes, Courchevel et  Saint-Tropez.

Très impliqué dans l’affaire familiale, Richard DOUX engage chaque jour son nom et sa réputation, fort d’une expertise qui s’appuie sur des années d’expérience et une compétence reconnue.

Julian Joailliers

La passion de la famille Julian pour la haute joaillerie a débuté en 1820 et n’a depuis cessé de se transmettre de père en fils.

Héritière d’un savoir-faire ancestral de près de 200 ans, la maison Julian Joailliers est implantée à Saint-Tropez depuis 1974 et rend un vibrant hommage aux pierres précieuses en vous présentant les designs épurés et audacieux de nombreuses grandes marques de bijoux de luxe.

Notre bijouterie vous présente des pièces sublimes qui illustrent à merveille le grand sens esthétique et artistique de notre maison.
Bagues originales, bague de fiançailles ou colliers aux milles couleurs, nos collections aux multiples facettes font le bonheur de ces dames.

Toujours en quête d’excellence, nos partenaires artisans allient techniques ancestrales et technologies de pointe afin d’offrir les plus délicates finitions à chacune de leur création.

Le diamant est la plus précieuse des promesses, la déclaration d’un amour véritable. Prenez le temps de bien choisir votre bague de fiançailles, ce jour unique restera gravé dans votre mémoire à jamais.


Welcome to the Château de la Messardière

For almost 30 years now, we have been happy and proud to open our doors from April to October, at the Château de la Messardière, our 5 star luxury hotel of France: a haven of peace and a welcoming place for the world of art. Year after year we have pushed our requirements up to the highest level with a succession of enlargements, renovations and innovations that have enabled us to reach the excellence of a discreet and authentic, luxury palace. We are continually looking for the best, so that our guest’s stay will be unforgettable.

When staying with us, you can enjoy walking through our large park or contemplate nature while resting on a bench made of lava from Salernes. A natural path, that has pushed me over the years, to develop the harmony between the Château and its estate. It has been 8 years now, that our bees have been producing the honey that we propose with our cheese platter in the evening at l’Acacia our gastronomical restaurant. The olive trees are centuries old and enable us to produce a high quality olive oil. 

New, in 2019, near the pétanque ground where families and friends can play boules, we have also installed the “Kingdom of princes and princesses” for children from 1 to 12 years old as well as the games ground all made of natural wood. There are many ways of enjoying our magnificent, natural environment… the proof of our permanent quest for the best. Another novelty for the children to be able to play together while letting their parents enjoy some peaceful moments around the pools of the hotel, from mid-June to mid-September, we have a Kid’s Club that is open every day from 10am to 8pm, with our team of group leaders to take care of them as from the age of 3 (or when they are clean).

The Château de la Messardière is also very involved in the associative and cultural life of the Saint-Tropez peninsula and actively supports several associations. Recently, as President of the Société Tropézienne des Amis de la Musique, I offered two recitals to 400 students and their teachers who were able to discover “the little story of great music”. Interpreted by the musicians Emanuelle Bertrand, Pascal Amoyal and Alma, their 11 year old violinist daughter (and as guest star, her 7 year old sister Sarah), the show was very much appreciated by the children of Saint-Tropez, La Croix-Valmer and Cavalaire. This year, the Château de la Messardière also supports “BAB Charity” whose aim is to improve the quality of life, of sick children and their families. Also to be noted is that this year the “Grand Prix de la Photo Saint-Tropez” will be punctuated by an auction sale for the benefit of the “Sponsorship of Cardiac Surgery for the Children of the World” on August 20th, 2019, at the Messardière. Both past and future events that enable us to redistribute tens of thousands of Euros and to confirm our role within society.

I would also like to share, through this magazine, my passion and enthusiasm and the commitment of our team, for this great house and hope that you enjoy discovering it’s many aspects.

Enjoy your stay at the Château de la Messardière

The beautiful history of the Château

It has survived the centuries without losing an ounce of it’s beauty, transformed into a palatial hotel 30 years ago, every season, thanks to you, it is rejuvenated…

The name Messardière goes back to the reign of Charles Martel, Charlemagne’s grandfather. It is linked to the Frankish dynasty of kings and it was in 1669 when Renée, the daughter of the Lord of the Messardière, married the Count Léonor Le Brun that the coat of arms of the dynasty appeared with the motto “Victor et Inermis”, Victorious even when unarmed.

Finished in 1904, the Château was the superb wedding gift for an unusual couple, Henry Brisson de la Messardière, an officer and an excellent cavalier and Louise Dupuy d’Anjeac, a young, very modern artist. Two children were born to the couple and life at
the Château was happy and sweet, rhythmed by long horseback rides and piano melodies. Fate would have it that Henry died prematurely and to avoid being completely ruined, his dynamic young widow decided that she would open the Château to high class guests and young ladies from good families who wanted to perfect their education. 

But Louise who excelled in society life was not a good administrator. Between the huge receptions and the grand parties the domaine declined. She was obliged to sell, the Château changed hands several times and began it’s low dark period, rumour had it that it was haunted!

The Château began it’s re-birth in 1989 when it was restored and enlarged under the aegis of the head of Historical Monuments architect, Jean-Claude Rochette who added two wings facing the sea, a central swimming pool and renovated the adjacent
farmhouse. It was transformed into a luxury hotel in July 1990. here, the walls have a story or two to tell…

The swimming pool, the heart of the solar life of the Château

The pool, that is one of the main centres of interest for the guests at the Château, is also a centre of interest for Alexandre Durand-Viel, thanks to him, renowned artists and craftspeople, the best technicians and the faithful teams of the Château de la Messardière, conjugate their talents and contribute to the magic of this unique spot.

A sweet melting-pot of artistic signatures

Thanks to a recent collaboration with the Galerie Estades, the Château de la Messardière, this season, invites you to discover the exceptional bronze sculptures by Sylvie Derely. For the last 25 years Nicola Rosini di Santi and the Château de la Messardière, have shared a beautiful artistic complicity. The painter, sculptor and designer has signed many works of art for the hotel, especially the exceptional sculpture in bronze patinated resin, that represents delicacy, balance and harmony. The works of Shine Mosaique had travelled to New York, Moscow, Paris, Monaco and Saint-Tropez before they seduced Alexandre Durand-Viel. At the bottom of the small pool, the mosaic work of
Graziella Pizzi and Laurence Capelli, inspired by the grounds of this luxury hotel, “the magic of beings, animals and nature”. After more than 10 years of working with the Château, Alexandre Audonnet, a craftsman who specializes in stainless steel, copper and brass has accentuated the beauty of this pool, especially with the swimming ladder and the contours.

The expertise of the best technicians

For your well being, the team of technicians scrupulously maintain the swimming pool under the direction of David Gangloff who is in charge of the hotel’s maintenance. This winter the stones of the pool were sanded to ensure your comfort Michel Abed and his team who have 20 years experience in the “know how” of flooring, also enhance the natural beauty of the marble in collaboration with Azur Pool Concept of Philippe Pettavino who ensures the quality of the water throughout the season, all while respecting the environment. 

A pleasurable spot to be throughout the day

Your days will be peaceful around the mirror pool with the magical view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Dive into the warm blue water of the Olympic size pool, tan in the solarium or just relax on the chaises longues or the comfortable sofas while enjoying the panorama of Saint-Tropez. Just a few feet away, Alain Péant who is in charge of the bars of the Château, proposes light detox cocktails full of vitamins, elaborated with fresh fruit and vegetables, to keep you in shape all through your
holiday! If you’re feeling peckish there are all sorts of tasty little dishes to enjoy while in the sun, and new this year, we have the famous Barbarac

The pool, a place to make friends

It’s around the pool, the veritable heart of the Château, that many friendships have begun. The beauty of the spot and the warm welcome of our professional teams, contribute to the relaxed atmosphere, as two regular guests Pascal and Dominique explain: “the swimming pool is such a magical place for several reasons; exceptional grounds, an unbelievable view, first class infrastructures, a refined deco, a hospitable team, quality menus… Nothing on the Riviera can compare! It’s here that we met our best friends”.

Glamour : le film La Piscine 

de Jacques Deray fête ses 50 ans

(Hommage à Michel Legrand)

This classic in French cinema, first shown in 1968, the legendary actors, Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Jane Birkin and Maurice Ronet, were filmed around a superb pool in a secret villa in Ramatuelle, the story was of two men, each trying to attract the favours of a woman. The music was by Michel Legrand who also composed for other legendary French films as well as The Thomas Crown Affair, he was also the sponsor of the Messardière Novel Prize of summer 2015. The collaborators of the Château at the time, remember him with emotion, he honoured us with his presence, accompanied by his wife, the actress Macha Méril.

Michel Legrand, Macha Meril et Didier van Cauwelaert lors du Prix Messardière en 2015


any time of night and day

What is life like at the Château? It is being able to enjoy the pleasures of the table at any time of night and day.

10 O’clock, breakfast in the sunshine at l’Acacia

A green tea, freshly pressed orange juice, a fruit tart and vanilla flavoured rice pudding. A good way to start a beautiful sunny day in Saint-Tropez.

1pm, a refreshing lunch around the pool on the terrace of the restaurant A Ciel Ouvert

A sea bream ceviche in an emulsion of coconut milk and lime juice, a grilled filet of beef, mashed potatoe with tartuffo cream, a glass of rosé de Provence followed by a Pavlova of seasonal fruits… a light but flavourful menu before enjoying a cool swim.

5pm, tanning around the Piscine Miroir

A bowl of red berries, whipped cream and vanilla ice-cream, a freshly pressed lemon juice, enjoy!

7.30pm, a musical cocktail (in July and August), on the terrace of the bar “Le Soleil d’Eau”

An Oli Summer (Oli’Gin, St. Germain liqueur, mandarine and lemon juice, chestnut syrup), shrimp tempura and toasted truffle bread, savour the magic of the sunset on the bay.

9pm, dinner under the stars of the gastronomical restaurant l’Acacia

Steamed lobster ravioli with baby leeks and tatragon shoots, a rack of lamb with wild mountain herbs, a selection of regional cheeses with honey from our gardens, a good glass of Bordeaux, citrus fruit, light cream with fresh ewe’s cheese, fruit emulsion, mandarine sorbet with fresh mint… a sweet symphony in the starlight.

5am, After a crazy, fun evening in Saint-Tropez, I’m feeling peckish and call Room Service for a club sandwich “Compte de la Messardière” and a Mariage Frères tea, metis rouge without tanin, while snuggled in bed… that’s what life is like at the Château!


C’est au cœur des Vosges que jaillit l’eau minérale VITTEL®. Grâce à un parcours souterrain de plusieurs années, à travers de nombreuses couches géologiques, l’eau minérale naturelle VITTEL® se charge de minéraux essentiels, indispensables à l’organisme. Elle permet de couvrir 45 % des apports de référence en calcium d’un adulte. Présente sur toutes les grandes tables,  Partenaire officiel du Tour de France, elle est particulièrement recommandée pour les sportifs lors des efforts physiques intenses.


Happy Breakfast

Breakfast, the essential meal to start the day, is in the forefront of our pastry chef’s mind, Alexia Frésia is the creator of the new menu of tasty light products.

Her home made tartlets with delicious seasonal fruits (strawberries, apricots, figs, rhubarb…) are some of the favourites, but Alexia has imagined many other delights for you to enjoy in the sunshine of the terrace of the gastronomical restaurant l’Acacia!  Brioches to be sliced with sugar crystals, natural, with chocolate or pink praline, delicious apple or pear crumbles, sweet madeleines, cookies, muffins, pancakes and crepes that children love, panna cotta with red berry coulis, vanilla flavoured rice pudding and stewed fruits with no added sugar complete the tasty range with creativity, flavour and elegance. Contemporary French pastries at their best.

le Soleil d’Eau bar

Our bar is the perfect place to enjoy a drink around the pool or in the comfort of one of our lounges close to the gastronomical restaurant l’Acacia.

The wood, the glass, the alabaster and the refined fabrics… a nice blend of soft lighting and elements tempt you to enjoy a glass of champagne, a glass of good wine or a cocktail at any time of day or in the evening… all this with an exquisite view of the sea.

Cocktail Le Soleil d’eau

Bombay gin, liqueur St-Germain, kiwi, fresh mint, lime juice cordial, Schweppes Premium Matcha, this is the new recipe of the successful cocktail that shares the same name as our bar.

Cocktail l’Abeille

Based on honey from our gardens, Jack Daniel’s, liqueur de St-Germain, mint, Schweppes Premium ginger ale, the cocktail Abeille (the bee cocktail) is a delicious nectar to be sipped slowly.

The detox juice

This chases the toxins from your organism, facilitates the natural drainage, boosts your immune defences and gives you energy, this is a great way to feel good! Pineapple, mint, lemon, orange grapefruit, ginger, beetroot, carrot, celery, spinach, water melon… the best fruits and vegetables of the season are juiced upon request by our bar staff, to offer you all the possible vitamins and nutriments.

Kiddies cocktails

Concerned about the nutritional balance of your children, the management of the Château de la Messardière proposes a menu of fresh fruit cocktails for your little princes and princesses. The MINI BB (strawberry, raspberry, apple juice and vanilla syrup), the SHIRLEY TEMPLE (syrup of strawberry candy and lemonade), the GRUMPY (strawberry, raspberry, lococo caraïbos), the MAYA (mangoe, pineapple juice and white peach), they are all excellent alternatives to over sweetened drinks and sodas.

In July and August, every evening when the weather permits, from 7 30pm to 10 30pm, enjoy our musical cocktail evenings rhythmed by live musicians under the stars on the outside terrace.

À Ciel Ouvert

The light, fresh menu of the open air restaurant

Around the mirror pool, during sunny lunches and summer evenings, the large terrace is ideal to enjoy light meals by our chef Jean-Michel Le Béon. Fresh seasonal salads and vegetables, the niçoise salad, creamy burrata, basil and parmesan biscuits, a sea bream ceviche with lime and coconut milk, beef tagliatelli with crunchy vegetables, fresh coriander vinaigrette, peanuts and sesame seeds… Risotto and pasta specialities with delicious sauces, steamed or grilled fish, top quality tasty meats and poultry. To end the meal, how can you resist a citrus fruit, meringue tart or a crispy Paris-Saint-Tropez with milk chocolate and hazelnuts?

All the subtle flavours of a summer cuisine….