L’Atelier San Gregorio

The passion of architecture, from father to son

For the last 20 years, the San Gregorio workshop has been undertaking, with passion and fidelity, the transformations at the Château de la Messsardière, while, at the same time, signing many other architectural wonders.

Finished in 1904, the Château de la Messardière, property of Henry Brisson and Louise Dupuy d’Anjeac, was the favourite place of the socialites at the time. It awoke again from its long sleep, after a complete renovation of the building by Jean-Claude Rochette, Chief architect of historical monuments. Eleven years later, the new owner gave Bruno Bortoluzzi the mission of restructuring and modernizing the grand house so as to turn it into a luxury hotel. The volumes were transformed and opened on to the park, a Spa and a top class gym were created.

In 2014, Julien Bortoluzzi, the architect, prolonged the work of his father, by completely renovating and transforming the two levels of the central part of the Château, refurbishing 50 rooms, transforming the boutique, re-designing the bar and the reception area, reconfigurating the outside spaces and the bathrooms. L’Atelier also imagined the new natural and solar look of the beach restaurant Jardin Tropezina, that you can discover this season on Pampelonne beach.

Large scale projects

Created in the Parisian region by Bruno Bortoluzzi the San Gregorio workshop moved to the Riviera in 2008. Graduate of the Superior School of Architecture Lumini in Marseille, the project chief in the different architecture agencies, Julien Bortoluzzi, manager of the agency, orchestrates the contemporary projects. Regularly solicited to conceive individual housing projects, the San Gregorio workshop is well versed in the administrative, economical and ecological constraints that such projects require. The architecture agency accompanies the project managers from the drawing stages right up to the delivery of the work. L’Atelier developed more and more and became more diversified and wide spread. three new branches were opened in 2018, one in les Issambres, one in the centre of Marseille and one in Paris.

L’Atelier San Gregorio in figures:

-Approximately 30 villas per year, construction and renovations

-4 complete reconversions of apartments

-3 residential buildings under construction and 6 studies underway

-7 restaurants including 4 on the beach

-2 architecture agencies

-2 boutiques

-2 hotels including the luxury Château de la Messardière


Atelier San Gregorio

Place San Peire 83380 Les Issambres

T. 04 94 45 46 25

595 Avenue de la Corniche d’Azur 83370 Fréjus

T. 04 94 96 40 84

8 rue Sainte 13001 Marseille

T. 04 65 57 36 47

22 rue Michel-Le-Comte 75003 Paris

T. 06 73 00 62 99



Saint-Tropez and art

An  inseperable relationship

At the end of the 19th century, Saint-Tropez was already very popular with actors, writers and painters. It was here, in the countryside of Salins, that the impressionists such as Camoin, Derain, Seurat or Matisse would enjoy getting together in the modest workshop of their friend Signac. Then came the pre and post-war actors and Pablo Picasso who was a regular guest at the Hôtel de la Ponche. He had deserted Mougins at the time, for the heart of a beautiful local girl, he could often be seen at Le Gorille. The Annonciade museum has often paid tribute to the works of this major 20th century artist.

Contemporary art remains a sure value

Because contemporary art has become one of the few safe haven values, it benefits, in certain cases, from tax exemption. The professionals of the art world are very present in Saint-Tropez which includes 4 museums, many local artists and multiple galleries like that of Corinne Kowalski,
very inspired by the sea and the boats, who has had her gallery since 1993 near the church, or Gérard Leroux whose gallery, opposite the Town Hall, has been present for 35 years.

The art market is in very good health

With staggering records in the auction rooms, the art market arouses a lot of interest… investors and collectors are completely fascinated by the head spinning figures: 45 million for a painting by Basquiat (New York 2018) and more than 81 million for the most expensive sculpture of the year by Jeff Koons.

Between 2018 and 2019, the town has become the playground for some important galleries who want to promote their favourite artists.

Just steps away from the Place des Lices, the Garance Montador space will share its passion for contemporary art, with the public. In the forefront Robert Combas, one of the living giants of French paintings. The worth of Combas is accelerating with repercussions even in Asia. Encouraged by a positive fluctuation (+500% since the year 2000) the top collectors are progressively putting back on the market, some major works, some of which have not been seen for over 20 years, and give the artist more international exposure.

Galerie Garance Montador, 5 avenue Paul Roussel. 

Entrée Libre  – Tel. 04 94 97 61 82 


On the Place des Lices

A former private mansion, where the four floors have been magnificently renovated, welcomes the Linda and Guy Pieters Foundation since 2018. The charismatic protector of Flemish art spends his time between the Riviera and Knokke-le-Zoutte where his gallery is a must for the north European collectors. Here, Guy Pieters has promised to organize some unusual happenings around the artists Venet, Niki de St Phalle or Arman…

For the Foundation, 2019 is a year dedicated, amongst others, to Michel Folon (1934-2005) and Jan Fabre, a creative Belgian artist whose works conjugate sculptures, theatre or choreography. His Tropezien exhibition entitled “The boy who carries the moon and the stars on his head”, shows sculptures in golden bronze, wax models and 24 original drawings and collages, all inspired by the cosmos but also very mystical imagery or the poetic universe of Le Petit Prince by St Exupéry.

Fondation Linda et Guy Pieters

Place des Lices : 28, bd Vasserot 83990 Saint-Tropez

Entrée libre toute l’année / Ouvert tous les jours, 

sauf mardi-mercredi, de 10h00 à 19h00 

T. +33 (0)4 22 84 01 89 – info@fondationlgp.com

T-Rex de Koen Vanmechelen,
bronze, 140 x 64 x 40 cm, 2014 – D.R.
Courtesy Fondation Linda & Guy Pieters
Le garçon qui porte la lune et les étoiles sur sa tête de Jan Fabre, cire, bois, métal, 178,5 x 41,2 cm x 79 cm, 2019
D.R. / Courtesy Fondation Linda & Guy Pieters

La Galerie Estades

An authentic reference in the Art world

With the experience of 30 years as an art dealer, Michel Estades, is passionate about Bernard Buffet’s works, and a specialist of figurative and contemporary modern art as well as an expert of the artists of Lyon and Provence. He presents the works of the greatest masters while enabling you to discover numerous talented artists including sculptors and glass workers.

Exceptional programming

Several big names of the gallery are classed in the top 100 best art sales in France, such as Jehan, Jouenne, Chanco, Fusaro and Malle… Partners with both private and public museums and financial institutions and an expert to French and foreign auctioneers, the Galerie
Estades exhibits in several prestigious places, the Château de la Messardière this season and renowned restaurants and hotels.

A recognised evaluation

Michel Estades always confides, with the great pleasure, to the art lovers and collectors: “My best reward is to share my evaluations and appraisals with the buyers. I have three values: trust, ethics and conviviality!”

– 30 years of experience

– 4 art galleries: Paris, Lyon, Toulon, Baden-Baden

– A team of 14 collaborators

– 90 represented artists: 60 painters and 30 sculptors

– A different exhibition every six or seven weeks in each gallery


Michel Estades, Fondateur – Directeur Général

06 11 51 76 94


Olivier Fiche, Directeur Projets & Partenariats

06 60 70 07 08


Bernard Buffet’s Saint-Tropez

the exhibition is the event of the season at the Château de la Messardière

In 1958, the carefree days of Saint-Tropez des Prés, Annabel Schwob and Bernard Buffet fell madly in love with eachother on the terrace of the bar de la Ponche. The region inspired many of their artistic creations including the superb original lithographs that will be exhibited at the Château de la Messardière by the Galerie Estades which regularly exhibits the artist’s works.

The village, the sky and the sea

The exhibition is of 14 original lithographs by Bernard Buffet, created in 1979 in Paris at the Atelier Mourlot “the most famous lithographer of the 20th century who worked with Picasso, Braque, Chagall, Dufy, Miro. You can admire the different views of Saint-Tropez as seen by Bernard Buffet who has signed all of these works that are in absolutely perfect condition. The profound blues that mark the artist’s works can be seen, the beaches, the sea, the fishing boats.. the tiled roofs that shine in the sun…” explain the experts of the Galerie Estades. All these images are so far from the  vision of the impressionists and reveal the love of the artist for Saint-Tropez where he spent quality time with Annabel and their three children.

Bernard Buffet, artist of Saint-Tropez des Prés

In 1958 in Saint-Tropez, the photographer Luc Fournol introduced his singer/model friend Annabel Schwob de Lure, to the painter Bernard Buffet who had recently left his friend Pierre Bergé. The androgynous look of Annabel who was friends with Françoise Sagan and Juliette Greco, pleased him immensely. At the time Bernard was only 30 years old but had been renowned for over a decade. On December 12th 1958 he married his new muse in Ramatuelle in a very discreet ceremony. Annabel evokes her happiness in her book “Saint-Tropez d’hier et d’aujourd’hui” published in 1981. Our love was born in Saint-Tropez… I know why I love trees and the boat masts…

Bernard Buffet, a massive success

In 1958 when Bernard met Annabel in Saint-Tropez, he was already a star, his Parisian retrospective at the Charpentier gallery in the very chic Faubourg Saint-Honoré, attracted more than 100,000 visitors. It was a huge success, both with the public and the collectors. He became a millionaire, posed for Paris-Match in the courtyard of his chateau, was a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival, he was an international super star, he painted portraits of Mao and of de Gaulle for the foreign press, his quest for modernity was permanent.

“A man of his time, he worked constantly, guided by his need to create. He was wary of society and consecrated all of his time to his work. He was very learned in many subjects but most of the time he refused to talk about his work that he considered as extremely personal.” According to Annabel “he nourished his paintings with his feelings and both physical and moral emotions.” Many retrospectives were organized when he was still alive (Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg), as well as exhibitions around the world, a museum was erected in his honour in Japan in 1973. “When he was no longer able to paint, he took his own life on October 4th, 1999.” explains Michel Estades. This greatest post war painter was adulated by Aragon, Cocteau, Warhol and renowned throughout the world…

Saint-Tropez seen by the contemporary masters of art

Alexandre Durand-Viel, Michel Estades founder and director of the Galerie Estades and Olivier Fiche projects director, came up with the igenious idea of associating Bernard Buffet with 14 artists including Fassianos “The Greek Buffet”, Maltese, a master colourist, Gisclard the cubist and Loulé the expressionist. An exhibition that will go down in the history of the Riviera!


Art and the way – Marine de soos and sylvie Derely

The sensual sculptures by Marine de Soos, welcome you in front of the Château. “The woman and the child” reflect the tenderness and the communion of maternal love for her baby. A few steps away “The Patriarch” evokes the wisdom and the kindliness of a man at the autumn of his life. “The moon pusher” represents childhood and carefree youth… Born in Paris, Marine de Soos spent her childhood in Africa, her great source of inspiration. Trained in the Parisian workshop of the American sculptor Jonathan Hirschfeld, she learned the different techniques and takes you on a very emotional artistic journey. Before exhibiting at the Château de la Messardière, Marine de Soos, prizewinner of the prestigious Taylor foundation, has left her artistic mark on many exceptional places such as the head offices of l’Oréal, Primo Piano at the Bon Marché in Paris, the Demeure des Comptes de Champagne Taittinger in Reims, the French Embassy in New Delhi, the Château de Bois Guilbert… while subliming the wisdom of Africa and the Orient.

“I like to seize the emotional moments and the instants of grace” Marine de Soos


On the terrace of the pool, just in front of l’Acacia gastronomical restaurant, the slender sculptures by Sylvie Derely are incredible. “Amour” symbolizes the embrace of a couple in perfect harmony, “with long arms to celebrate love and long legs to run around the world.” Not far away, a little “Adelaïde” plays with a hoop, Sylvie Derely began her artistic life by painting. In the beginning of the 1980’s she painted water colours but also designed textiles for Guerlain, Rochas and Renault who ordered frescos. Since the 1990’s Sylvie has devoted herself to her sculpture. Her tall figures with barely etched faces, are not without reminding us of Giacometti, although they are smoother and pure. Elegant and full of grace, her sculptures on the themes of the family and feelings, transport you to a dreamlike and tender universe.

“Art takes me to the essential, towards feelings…” Sylvie Derely




Contemporary art gallery offering the public a wide choice of exclusive pieces from figuration libre et narrative. pop art and street art. Find prestigious national and international artists.- R. Combas, P. Pasqua, T. Wesselmann, G. Erra, C. Schlosser, etc.

5 avenue Paul Roussel 83990 Saint-Tropez


04 94 97 61 82

Corinne Kowalski

The happiness painter

In Saint-Tropez for the last 25 years, Corinne Kowalski, who orchestrated a magnificent exhibition at the Château de la Messardière in 2015, signs paintings that overflow with energy and gentleness.

In her pretty gallery, Place de l’Ormeau near the famous clock tower, Corinne Kowalski paints with passion and generosity, she is inspired by the composers Claude Debussy and Pierre Boulez. “Painting in Saint-Tropez is a permanent inspiration, this mythical place liberates my creative drive” explains this woman of taste who depicts the sea, the boats or the plants, while nourishing her favourite theme “The Odyssy of the Ark”.

Natural pigments and gold leaf

Natural pigments are part of some wonderful memories of her collaboration with the figurative artist Paul Guiramand, using organic and vegetable matter or gold leaf to embellish a space in a poetic contemporary universe.

From Saint-Tropez to China

Corinne, who has exhibited several times in China, will participate in the International Shanghai Art Fair 2019 next September, before finalizing her project of an exhibition in a New York gallery in 2020. “I like to take my paintings around the world, it’s a great experience”
Corinne concludes. Her exhibitions are very successful with her international clientele (America, Germany, Russia, Switzerland or Japan), all very touched by her artistic sensitivity but also by her engagement for several foundations, including that of Brigitte Bardot.

Galerie Corinne Kowalski.

6 rue d’Aumale, Saint-Tropez

Tél. : 06 08 24 47 71



Le Roux mania

Le Roux’s world tour 

For a year, the works of Gérard Le Roux have been travelling the world to the major capitals in celebration of his 50 years as an artist, 35 of which have been spent in Saint-Tropez. 

From August 6th to August 26th, the artist Gérard Le Roux will be exhibiting fifty paintings and ten monumental sculptures in the Salle Jean Despas on the Place des Lices, in partnership with the town of Saint-Tropez. Dive into Le Roux’s world, both off-beat and spectacular… This is a first!

He has selected some of his major works, symbols of his contemporary artistic signature, both joyous and colourful… paintings from his New York period in the 1980’s including the historical painting that represents the Bicentenary of the French Revolution, unveiled in 1989 at the Lincoln Center in New York and also exhibited in Paris. A 7 minute biographical, musical and artistic film will be shown that retraces the steps of the artist. Discover the many different themes in his paintings and huge sculptures, some of which have been borrowed from private collectors, don’t miss his new creations in polished aluminium, bronze and marble.

Place de l’Hôtel de ville, Saint-Tropez

T. +33 (0)6 80 21 70 80


Art, Arty, Artiste


Corinne Kowalski, Saint-Tropez à Shangaï

Située sur la jolie place de l’Ormeau, au pied du clocher tropézien, la galerie Kowalski vous accueille toute la saison, depuis 20 ans. L’univers joyeux et coloré de l’artiste y est bien sûr
présenté, aux côtés de celui d’autres références de l’art contemporain. Corinne Kowalski expose également cet été une sélection de ses nouvelles toiles dans le cadre du restaurant gastronomique La Verdoyante à Gassin, avant de participer au salon international Shanghai Art Fair 2019 en septembre prochain.

Located on the beautiful Place de l’Ormeau, near the church bell tower, the gallery Kowalski welcomes you all season for the last twenty years. The joyful, colourful universe of the artist is presented with other contemporary art references. This summer, Corinne Kowalski will be exhibiting a selection of her new paintings, at the gastronomical restaurant La Verdoyante in Gassin, before participating in the International Shanghai Art Fair 2019, in September.

6 rue d’Aumale, 


T. 06 08 24 47 71



Mara Karetsos, autour du monde

Toute à la fois sculpteur, portraitiste de célébrités et créatrice de bijoux, cette New yorkaise d’origine grecque posera une nouvelle fois ses valises à Saint-Tropez où elle réside chaque été. Pour séduire ses amies de la jet set, il y aura des ventes privées autour de ses dernières collections… Des pièces uniques ou numérotées, dessinées dans un esprit baroque contemporain du plus bel effet dans les soirées estivales.

Sculptress, jewellery creator, portraitist of the famous, this New Yorker will again be spending summer in Saint-Tropez. She will be holding several private sales of her latest collections, with her jet-set friends where she will be showing her unique or numbered pieces in a baroque contemporary style.

Email : mara1karetsos@gmail.com


Catherine Lempereur,  

Escale à New York

Riche actualité pour l’artiste belge installée à Saint-Tropez depuis plusieurs années. Durant tout l’été, par l’intermédiaire de son agent Fabrice Bonnard, Cath Lempereur organise deux expos permanentes, à Moorea plage ainsi qu’à la galerie Palmer de l’Hôtel Byblos. Dans son agenda à partir de fin mai, direction New York, puisque le Coco New Concept Made In France accrochera sur ses murs quelques-unes de ses réalisations emblématiques en attendant prochainement une vente privée à Monaco.

This Belgian artist who has been installed in Saint-tropez for several years now is, through her agent Fabrice Bonnard, organizing two permanent exhibitions, one at Moorea beach and the other at the gallery Palmer at Hotel Byblos this summer. End of May, she will be in New York where Coco New Concept Made in France, will be showing some of her emblematic work. Later in the year she will be holding a private sale in Monaco. 

Email : cath@catherinelempereur.com

Instagram : catherine_lempereur


Christophe Marin

 le ferronnier d’art mélomane

One of the first pieces of his work that you will discover, is when you arrive at the château: the renovation of the 19th century aviary that overlooks the gulf of Saint-Tropez, and awakes the romanticism of our guests. He has also designed and crafted some charming pieces of furniture in our Moorish rooms and the refined wrought iron designs on the balconies and terraces of our rooms around the pool.

Over the last 20 years, Christophe Marin has crafted numerous works for the Château de la Messardière, he advantages “sobriety and a perfect integration in to the environment”. This wrought iron craftsman even accomplished a technical challenge, a mechanism that masters the mobility of the parasol base to facilitate the work of the teams and for your comfort when lounging in the shade. Christophe is a craftsman and artist and teaches apprentices while at the same time developing his passion for lyric art with the “Scavans Meslanges”, a group of ancient and classical music enthusiasts that specializes in a romantic repertoire.