le Soleil d’Eau bar

Our bar is the perfect place to enjoy a drink around the pool or in the comfort of one of our lounges close to the gastronomical restaurant l’Acacia.

The wood, the glass, the alabaster and the refined fabrics… a nice blend of soft lighting and elements tempt you to enjoy a glass of champagne, a glass of good wine or a cocktail at any time of day or in the evening… all this with an exquisite view of the sea.

Cocktail Le Soleil d’eau

Bombay gin, liqueur St-Germain, kiwi, fresh mint, lime juice cordial, Schweppes Premium Matcha, this is the new recipe of the successful cocktail that shares the same name as our bar.

Cocktail l’Abeille

Based on honey from our gardens, Jack Daniel’s, liqueur de St-Germain, mint, Schweppes Premium ginger ale, the cocktail Abeille (the bee cocktail) is a delicious nectar to be sipped slowly.

The detox juice

This chases the toxins from your organism, facilitates the natural drainage, boosts your immune defences and gives you energy, this is a great way to feel good! Pineapple, mint, lemon, orange grapefruit, ginger, beetroot, carrot, celery, spinach, water melon… the best fruits and vegetables of the season are juiced upon request by our bar staff, to offer you all the possible vitamins and nutriments.

Kiddies cocktails

Concerned about the nutritional balance of your children, the management of the Château de la Messardière proposes a menu of fresh fruit cocktails for your little princes and princesses. The MINI BB (strawberry, raspberry, apple juice and vanilla syrup), the SHIRLEY TEMPLE (syrup of strawberry candy and lemonade), the GRUMPY (strawberry, raspberry, lococo caraïbos), the MAYA (mangoe, pineapple juice and white peach), they are all excellent alternatives to over sweetened drinks and sodas.

In July and August, every evening when the weather permits, from 7 30pm to 10 30pm, enjoy our musical cocktail evenings rhythmed by live musicians under the stars on the outside terrace.


L’Opéra vous projette dans une expérience unique

au cœur du village de Saint-Tropez.

Le restaurant imaginé comme une arène mêle avec

raffinement une gastronomie d’exception, un univers

glamour et fastueux, des shows modernes et créatifs,

et un club privé.

L’Opera is a unique experience in the heart of the

Saint-Tropez village. Built as an arena, the restaurant

mixes with refinement an exceptional gastronomy.

Every dinner will delight in soaking up the glamorous

and sumptuous atmosphere, be enthralled by the

creative and modern shows and enjoy the seclusion

of the private club.


Jardin Tropézina

Our beach on Pampelonne:  Jardin Tropézina

Not far from the Château, the renowned Jardin Tropézina at Pampelonne, presents it’s new, natural solar look.

Created in 1962 and managed since 1977 by Patrick Germain
and Alain Badel, joined this year by Mathieu Zucchiatti, in charge of Dolceva in Saint-Tropez and La Folie Douce in Méribel in winter, the beach of the Château de la Messardière, Jardin Tropézina, resumes all the magic of Pampelonne with a little supplement of charm: the proximity of some typical Mediterranean vegetation, like an oasis on the sea. Under the impetus of the Pampelonne development scheme, the new architecture of the site evokes a Mediterranean holiday home on the seaside. The public areas, the bar, the covered restaurant and the terrace are places where the guests may contemplate the bay surrounded by the different types of pine trees. The natural, contemporary timber architecture has a landscaped look to it. The restaurant has been awarded the title of “Maître Restaurateur” and emphasises the home-made dishes while honouring a local, seasonal Mediterranean menu that throughout the year, never forgets its close bonds to the region’s community projects.

Special attentions for the guests of the Château

– Mattress and parasol (depending on availablilty) and
aperitif offered to the guests of the hotel who lunch or dine here, whatever the season.

– Free shuttle service between the Château de la Messardière and Jardin Tropézina 7 days a week, all day and all evening.

The beach welcomes you for lunch every day of the week and for dinner in the evenings in July and August.

325 allée de la Mer – Ramatuelle

T. +33 (0)4 94 97 36 78


Bay of Pampelonne : a rebirth

A new chapter in the history of Pampelonne beach has begun this season. What are the changes generated by the plans of the commune of Ramatuelle ? Which establishments and services will you find on the beach this summer ? Which are the new establishments ? Which ones have disappeared ?

Four and a half kilometres of coast land and 27 hectares of magnificent beach bordered by vineyards and pine forests, mythical estalishments frequented by film stars, powerful industrial business people  and the Happy Few of the planet. Twenty six new plots have been attributed for a period of twelve years… welcome to the new Pampelonne beach !

70% of the establishments are back

It’s with great pleasure that you will find some of the most famous beach establishments: Club 55, Moorea, Tahiti Beach, Le Bar du Soleil (the four are on private plots of land), Jardin Tropézina, L’Esquinade (Brigitte
Bardot’s favourite), Les Murènes, Cabane Bambou, Tropicana, Indie Beach House and Neptune. Some of the well known beaches have moved, Les Palmiers and L’Orangerie have moved to the Tamaris area.

Six new operators

Three beaches linked to hotels in Saint-Tropez or Ramatuelle are now present at Pampelonne, La Réserve à la plage (La Réserve hotel, Ramatuelle) in the Epi area, Byblos Beach (Byblos Hotel) and La Serena(Hotel de Paris, Saint-Tropez) Boulevard Patch. As for Tropézina, the partner beach of the Hôtel de la Messardière since 1997, they stay in the Tahiti area. The beach Loulou à Ramatuelle managed by Gilles Malafosse (Restaurants Palais de Tokyo and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris)  will welcome their customers all year round in the Tamaris area. The Plamayigos and Alma beaches are installed close to the Toison d’Or. Route de l’Epi near the Nikki beach (club located of private land), the new establishment Verde by Yeeels you will be welcomed by the director Yannick Maillot.

Possibilities of opening all year round

The beaches Tropézina, Loulou à Ramatuelle, Les Palmiers, L’Orangerie, Cabane Bambou, Indie Beach, L’Esquinade and Tropicana, may, if they wish, stay open all year round or for a minimum period of 48 weeks according to the official documents. “The commune of Ramatuelle reminds you that over a century ago, the fashion of swimming in the sea and the sea air on the Riviera during the winter, were well known virtues !” Certain beach restaurants will be allowed to open in the evenings as long as the ambience remains rural rather than urban.

An architecture integrated into the natural 

surroundings and first class services

Faithful to the tradition of an authentic beach but also to it’s glamorous image, Pampelonne will be “more natural”, the architecture will be integrated into the surroundings and the constructions will be made with natural materials and pastel colours, there will be something for everyone… restaurants, sunbeds, boutiques, swimming lessons, massages and, of course, the public beaches.

A symbol of 21st century tourism

Over and above holidays to suit everyone’s budget, Ramatuelle has made sure that all the establishments include access to those who are physically challenged or handicapped and that the rest rooms should be available, free of charge, for the people on the public beaches. Pampelonne will need to reconstitute the dune and the exceptional flora that goes with it, hopefully with the help of a generous sponsor. Roland Bruno, the Mayor of Ramatuelle, is persuaded that with the melting pot of establishments, Pampelonne will be an excellent 21st century seaside destination.

Pampelonne 2019 en chiffres 

4,5 kilomètres et 27 hectares de sable

21 lots « Établissements de plage » dont 6 nouveaux.

2 lots « Loisirs nautiques motorisés »

3 lots « Loisirs Nautiques non motorisés »

Des concessions attribuées aux exploitants par la commune de Ramatuelle pour une durée de 12 ans.

Les absents en 2019



Les nouveaux établissements de plage 



à LA PLAGE, verde by yeeels, Alma beach

Les nouveaux établissements de loisirs sportifs 



L’Atelier San Gregorio

The passion of architecture, from father to son

For the last 20 years, the San Gregorio workshop has been undertaking, with passion and fidelity, the transformations at the Château de la Messsardière, while, at the same time, signing many other architectural wonders.

Finished in 1904, the Château de la Messardière, property of Henry Brisson and Louise Dupuy d’Anjeac, was the favourite place of the socialites at the time. It awoke again from its long sleep, after a complete renovation of the building by Jean-Claude Rochette, Chief architect of historical monuments. Eleven years later, the new owner gave Bruno Bortoluzzi the mission of restructuring and modernizing the grand house so as to turn it into a luxury hotel. The volumes were transformed and opened on to the park, a Spa and a top class gym were created.

In 2014, Julien Bortoluzzi, the architect, prolonged the work of his father, by completely renovating and transforming the two levels of the central part of the Château, refurbishing 50 rooms, transforming the boutique, re-designing the bar and the reception area, reconfigurating the outside spaces and the bathrooms. L’Atelier also imagined the new natural and solar look of the beach restaurant Jardin Tropezina, that you can discover this season on Pampelonne beach.

Large scale projects

Created in the Parisian region by Bruno Bortoluzzi the San Gregorio workshop moved to the Riviera in 2008. Graduate of the Superior School of Architecture Lumini in Marseille, the project chief in the different architecture agencies, Julien Bortoluzzi, manager of the agency, orchestrates the contemporary projects. Regularly solicited to conceive individual housing projects, the San Gregorio workshop is well versed in the administrative, economical and ecological constraints that such projects require. The architecture agency accompanies the project managers from the drawing stages right up to the delivery of the work. L’Atelier developed more and more and became more diversified and wide spread. three new branches were opened in 2018, one in les Issambres, one in the centre of Marseille and one in Paris.

L’Atelier San Gregorio in figures:

-Approximately 30 villas per year, construction and renovations

-4 complete reconversions of apartments

-3 residential buildings under construction and 6 studies underway

-7 restaurants including 4 on the beach

-2 architecture agencies

-2 boutiques

-2 hotels including the luxury Château de la Messardière


Atelier San Gregorio

Place San Peire 83380 Les Issambres

T. 04 94 45 46 25

595 Avenue de la Corniche d’Azur 83370 Fréjus

T. 04 94 96 40 84

8 rue Sainte 13001 Marseille

T. 04 65 57 36 47

22 rue Michel-Le-Comte 75003 Paris

T. 06 73 00 62 99



NIKKI BEACH iconic beach

Ce lieu élégant et festif célèbre l’art de vivre au soleil. Unique sur Pampelonne, un luxuriant jardin méditerranéen planté d’une forêt de palmiers prête son cadre végétal à l’emblématique club de plage. 

This elegant and festive spot, celebrates the art of life in the sun. Unique on Pampelonne, a lush Mediterranean garden planted with a forest of palm trees, that is iconic at the beach club.

On the bay of Pampelonne, to welcome the 2019 season in, they have moved the level up, there is a delicious holiday atmosphere in the air. In the midst of the flowers and the fragrances, the ultra zen deco, a symphony of natural wood and wicker, you can feel the pull to enjoy the sun and the nature.

Their summer offer has been enriched with alternatives to make everybody happy; a private sun bathing platform, a zen zone without music for the families, a fun space with a view of the pool, a snacks menu and an intimate spot with a horizon view…

Lunch time

Nikki Beach takes the pleasures of food very seriously, enjoy a convivial lunch with an innovative, cosmopolitan menu and not to be missed is the Sunday brunch with live music and for those who eat fresh and healthy, there are the gluten free and vegetarian options. The adventure of a dinner cococted by some of the top French chefs, will be held again this year. 4 great chefs, 4 special evenings, 11 stars.

July 23rd: Marc Veyrat, Maison des Bois. July 30th: Christophe Bacquie of Le Castellet restaurant. August 6th: Arnaud Lallement, L’Assiette Champenoise. August 20th: Alain Passart, L’Arpège.


+33 (0)4 94 79 82 04



LT Limousine

On the road for your dreams


Keen sense of punctuality for 15 years… Customized service, confidentiality, security… the know-how of this high end limousine service has already been adopted by international customers and French Riviera luxury hotels.

Specialized in luxury chauffeur driven car rental, the company
LT Limousine, privileged partner of the Château de la
Messardière, provides you transfers with the highest professional standards.

With bilingual service, attention and discretion, certified drivers will bring you to your favourite destination. Guided tours, dining out, shopping sessions, transfers to airports and train stations. Everything is possible, on request!

LT Limousine offers to manage transport logistics or your professional (fairs, conventions, product launch, etc.) and private events (weddings, birthday parties, etc.). Time has come to travel securely!

Avenue du Général de Gaulle – info@lt-limousine.com

Tél. +33 (0)4 94 97 29 03

Mob. +33 (0)6 15 25 74 24




Everything is different… but nothing changes

In charge of watching over the continuity of excellency and authenticity in the DNA of this iconic establishment in Saint-Tropez, the management team has been completed by the arrival of Patrick Servant. In control from now on, this operations director and right hand man of Thierry Bourdoncle for the last fifteen years, will be assisted by Chloe Boullet, the young Tropezien who has inherited her incredible talent from her father, Pierre Boullet, the photographer of Saint-Tropez. After having worked for two seasons at the famous Hibou Blanc in Megève that belongs to the Bourdoncle group, she now holds an executive post here at Sénéquier.

On the Place aux Herbes, instead of the catering section, a summer shopping corner will open around Vanessa Bruno. The irresistible Parisian designer has created a Saint-Tropez Sénéquier capsule collection which will also be sold in all of the Vanessa Bruno boutiques. As part of this operation, entitled Cabas Voyage, the tandem Sénéquier and Vanessa Bruno, will also be present at Bon Marché in Paris. 

Sénéquier by night

At sunset, the famous red tables are dressed in elegant white tablecloths and sparkling candles. Begin your evening with a home-made Spritz or a refreshing cocktail while watching the boats in the harbour. The welcome is warm and the menu is tempting. Sénéquier, the unique, authentic, contemporary, fashionable place to be.


Sur le port

04 94 97 20 20

Chez Jean-Robert

This very highly esteemed Tropezien who has an inborn sense of welcoming his clientele, Jean Robert de la Cruz has a solid gold address book after having spent many years working in establishments in St. Barth, Tahiti Beach and Sénéquier.

Now, it seems simply natural that he should welcome you to his own establishment in what used to be Le Grand, and whose terrace offers a wonderful view of the Château Suffren and the Town Hall.

It is chic and friendly, a re-birth for this place full of history of the good old days with Da Lolo, Nano and Joseph, the golden, carefree days.

Authentic and traditional, these asserted values of the new owner will be the principles of the gourmet menu which gives pride of place to family recipes of a Provençal cuisine.

The chef is inspired with local, seasonal produce… with a taste of sunshine; stuffed vegetables, squid à la Provençal, light deep fried courgette flowers with the catch of the day and not forgetting the red mullet or the stuffed sardines…

And to complete the good news, the next door Petit Bar wants to get back on the agenda of the night owls, with festive cocktails, before dinner drinks, after dinner drinks or before clubbing, a hundred and one reasons for being there.


Chez Jean-Robert

Place de la Mairie – Saint-Tropez

T. +33 (0)4 94 81 52 60

Inès de la Fressange

Ines de la Fressange heads the jury of 

the 5th Grand Prix Photo of Saint-Tropez

With Ines de la Fressange as head of the jury and the Cardiac Surgery Sponsorship Association, the Château de la Messardière, partner of the Grand Prix Photo of Saint-Tropez, will orchestrate the prize giving evening of the competition on August 19th, and the auction of the exceptional photos will be held the next day.

For this 5th edition on the theme “Contrast”, there are 525 participants from 31 countries who have sent in 2,280 photos! It was in the prestigious Harcourt Studio in Paris that the jury composed of some well known names in the photography and art circles, selected the photos to be shown in Saint-Tropez. Several exceptional spots, in the open air in the heart of the village, will be the stage of these artists works until August 31st. In June, the Place Bianqui, just steps away from Chanel and the Museum of the Gendarmerie and Cinema exhibit “Et ils créèrent Saint-Tropez” by Daniel Angeli, a good opportunity to  see the mythical BB, Johnny and other stars of the Dolce Vita, the gardens of the Annonciade museum on the port recounts the saga “Riva, Legendary Glamour on the French Riviera”, at the Lavoir Vasserot, Jacques Renoir the great grandson of the well known painter Auguste Renoir shows his exhibition “Au-delà du regard”, at the Salle Jean Despas, Place des Lices, will be exhibiting photographs on the theme of contrast, and in July and August the photos will be exhibited on the slopes leading to the Citadelle.

The totality of the profits from the auction sales, orchestrated by Auction Art Rémy Le Fur & Associés, on the appraisal of Theo Lavignon, will be donated to the Cardiac Surgery Sponsorship Association for the Children of the World. This is a French Association which enables children  with heart problems from poor countries, to come and have their operations in France when it would have been impossible in their own countries. These children stay with volunteer foster families in 9 French towns. Almost 3,000 children have benefitted since the creation of the association in 1996 by Professor Francine Leca.

Le Palmarès du 5e Grand Prix Photo : 

JEUNES TALENTS : Nicholas Simenon

PASSIONNÉS : Rémy Pinaton

PREMIUM CLASS : Bertrand Bayer

PRIX CANON : Elise Azria

COUP DE CŒUR DU JURY : David Van Ruymbeke