The beautiful history of the Château

It has survived the centuries without losing an ounce of it’s beauty, transformed into a palatial hotel 30 years ago, every season, thanks to you, it is rejuvenated…

The name Messardière goes back to the reign of Charles Martel, Charlemagne’s grandfather. It is linked to the Frankish dynasty of kings and it was in 1669 when Renée, the daughter of the Lord of the Messardière, married the Count Léonor Le Brun that the coat of arms of the dynasty appeared with the motto “Victor et Inermis”, Victorious even when unarmed.

Finished in 1904, the Château was the superb wedding gift for an unusual couple, Henry Brisson de la Messardière, an officer and an excellent cavalier and Louise Dupuy d’Anjeac, a young, very modern artist. Two children were born to the couple and life at
the Château was happy and sweet, rhythmed by long horseback rides and piano melodies. Fate would have it that Henry died prematurely and to avoid being completely ruined, his dynamic young widow decided that she would open the Château to high class guests and young ladies from good families who wanted to perfect their education. 

But Louise who excelled in society life was not a good administrator. Between the huge receptions and the grand parties the domaine declined. She was obliged to sell, the Château changed hands several times and began it’s low dark period, rumour had it that it was haunted!

The Château began it’s re-birth in 1989 when it was restored and enlarged under the aegis of the head of Historical Monuments architect, Jean-Claude Rochette who added two wings facing the sea, a central swimming pool and renovated the adjacent
farmhouse. It was transformed into a luxury hotel in July 1990. here, the walls have a story or two to tell…